The physicians of Seven Oaks Women’s Center provide a broad-spectrum of progressive surgical techniques for a variety of gynecologic conditions. We are committed to excellence and offer time tested approaches as well as the newest and most up to date technologies for the treatment of your particular problem.

After a comprehensive gynecologic evaluation, your physician will give you the opportunity to take an active role in the complex decision-making necessary to determine your best treatment. Treatment decisions may range from no intervention, to conservative medical therapy, to radiographic or surgical procedures.

If a surgical option is your choice, we arrange for a complete pre-operative evaluation. This includes a complete history and physical examination, preoperative lab and/or radiologic procedures. A medical referral for surgical clearance will be obtained or arranged if your particular health condition requires such. We will discuss potential pre and postoperative surgical consequences and precautions and obtain an informed consent. Our billing department will contact your insurance provider and discuss your financial responsibilities as well.